About Us

why LeBlanc Welch?

Every engineering company promises a quality product. Promises are easily made, but performance takes hard work. The LW record speaks for itself. The quality and overall value of our work are affirmed by the loyalty of our clients many of whom have preferred our services since the 1970s. Ask our clients about LeBlanc-Welch.

It takes experience to study a project, identify potential problems, and generate solutions before construction begins. Our Professional Engineers have more than twenty years’ average experience in design, contracting, and project management, and we use that experience to achieve a functional, economical, and durable result.

The values we place on our clients and how we work with them is expressed by these LWI Guidelines:

  • The client pays our salaries, and is entitled to our best effort in
    his behalf.
  • To respond fully to the clients needs, we must listen and understand his requirements.
  • In dealing with desgin professionals, contractors, and vendors, remember that we expect excellence; but we treat everyone with courtesy, respect, and friendship.
  • Meeting our schedules and keeping our promises means success for our clients and for us.